Other historical places
Other historical places
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque

Is the biggest mosque of Bosnia and one of the most characteristic ottoman constructions in the Balkans.

Church of the Holy Archangels Miguel and Gabriel

Also known as the Old Orthodox Church, is a Serbian orthodox church.

Sarajevo's Synagogue

It is the only functional synagogue in Sarajevo these days; it also operates as a Jewish museum.

Moricá Han

Is an old ottoman lodge located in Baščaršija, the only one that remains operative in Sarajevo.

Clock Tower of Sarajevo

It is believed that it is the last remaining public lunar clock in the world, a caretaker adjust the clock twice a week.

Žuta Tabija

Also known as yellow fortress, is a cannon fortress, built in 1727 as part of the fort of the “Walled City of Vratnik” in order to defend the city.

Sniper Avenue

Is the colloquial name given to Zmaja od Bosne Street and Mesa Selimovic Boulevad during the Yugoslav wars.